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Joining the organisation

Before joining the University, new staff are required to send back a signed copy of their contract of employment. 

The individual’s offer letter will have provided explicit instructions as to where to go and who to report to, normally their line manager. 

At some point on the first day the individual needs to report to their local People and OD office, where they will be asked to:

  • Hand in the confirmation of appointment form;
  • Hand in the bank details form;
  • Hand in P45 or complete P46;
  • Provide identification for copy (details as to what forms of ID are suitable are issued with the offer letter);
  • Provide certificates as appropriate.

People and OD will advise when the staff card can be collected and how the card can be used. People and OD will also answer any further questions candidates may have, which commonly include contract details although it is anticipated that most questions will be addressed by the line manager in the local induction process.

Reasonable adjustments

A New Starter Support Questionnaire will be sent out to all successful candidates with the offer information by People and OD. 

This will enable new starters to declare a disability and any requirement for support to the Disability Support Office directly. 

Where reasonable adjustments can be funded through the Access to Work Scheme this will be followed up by the Staff Disability Advisor in the first instance.

Individuals' requirements will vary and might include:

  • Sign language interpreters to ensure that deaf people have all the information they need during the early days;
  • Extra time and additional assistance for people with visual impairments to familiarise themselves with the workplace;
  • An invitation to a person with speech impairment to be accompanied initially by someone who knows their speech and can assist colleagues with communication until they become familiar with it.

Professional orientation training is available from either local authority social services departments or from one of the national not for profit organisations.