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Annual leave


The annual leave year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

Part-time staff are entitled to the same leave allowance pro rata to your contracted hours of work, (e.g.) if you work 50% of the full time hours you will be entitled to 50% of the annual leave allowance.

Staff Group                                         

Length of continuous service


Support staff Grades 1-5

0-5 years
5-10 years 
10 years or more

23 days
26 days
27 days

Academic-related staff Grades 6 onwards, and

Research & Teaching focussed staff Grade 5                         (select Grade 5a on the annual leave calculator)

All staff

29 days

Academic staff Grades 6 onwards                      

All staff

A reasonable amount that must not be less than the statutory entitlement to 28 days

Bank holidays and closure days

In addition to annual leave full-time staff are entitled to Bank Holidays and closure days. 

For part-time staff your allowance is pro rata to your contracted hours, irrespective of which days of the week you work, (e.g.) if you work 50% of the full time hours you will be entitled to 50% of the Bank Holidays and closure days.

Calculating your annual leave 

Try our online annual leave calculator

Guidance is also available which explains how leave is calculated for part-time staff and for term-time only staff.

Booking annual leave

All leave must be booked in advance with your line manager who will advise you how much notice is required.

The amount of leave that you can take at any one time will depend on service needs. If you want to take more than two weeks off at any one time you should give your manager plenty of time to consider your request. 

Keeping a record

The annual leave and absence form can be used to keep track of time off.

Carrying over leave

Annual leave should be taken within the leave year it is given. Leave should be planned ahead and ideally spread out over the year to ensure that you get regular breaks from work.

You may if necessary, with your manager's agreement, carry over a maximum of one weeks' annual leave into the next leave year, (e.g.) if you work 30 hours per week you may carry over up to 30 hours annual leave.

Payment for untaken annual leave will not be made, except where you leave the University during the leave year and you have not been able to take your leave due to operational reasons.

Accrual of leave during periods of absence

Periods of absence may affect the amount of annual leave, bank holidays and closure days that you will receive.

Type of absence

Accrual of annual leave

Accrual of Bank Holidays and Closure days

Paid sick leave



Unpaid Sick Leave



Special Leave (paid)



Career Break or Extended Unpaid Leave 



Ordinary Maternity/Adoption Leave



Additional Maternity/Adoption Leave



Shared Parental Leave



Paternity Leave (paid)



Joining or leaving the University during the leave year

You will be entitled to a proportion of the annual leave allowance for each complete month worked, plus the bank holidays and closure days which fall within the part of the year that you work, pro rata to your contracted hours.

A complete month is where you are in post for all the working days of that month.