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Special leave

Special leave is intended to help staff to deal with an unforeseen domestic crisis. The purpose of special leave is to provide time off to deal with the immediate problem and to sort out longer term arrangements if necessary.

A reasonable amount of paid special leave may be given depending on the circumstances.

Paid special leave (up to a maximum of 5 days within a 12 month period) may be given for:

  • unexpected emergencies - such as if your child is unwell and unable to attend school; 
  • compassionate reasons - in the event of the death or serious illness of a close relative 

You will be expected to take annual leave or in some cases unpaid leave may be granted:

  • where more time off is needed to deal with the issues, 
  • for planned situations where you know about the problem in advance - such as taking a dependant relative/child to a medical appointment,
  • where paid special leave is not appropriate. 

All requests for special leave must be made to your line manager.


Special leave policy - for more information on how to request leave and the circumstances in which it will be given