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Shared parental leave


Shared Parental Leave is designed to give you more flexibility if you wish to share the care of your child in the first year with your partner. It is available to birth and adoptive parents. 

As a mother or main adopter you have the option if you wish to, to end your maternity or adoption leave early and to share your remaining leave and pay entitlement with your partner. 

As a couple you can decide how you would like to split this remaining leave - you may decide to be off work at the same time or take it in turns to have periods of leave to look after your child. You don't have to both work for the University.

The procedure is complicated so please read the Shared Parental Leave Policy which explains who qualifies and also sets out the strict notification procedures which must be followed. 

Shared parental leave may be an option available to you if:

  • you or your partner is entitled to statutory maternity/adoption leave and pay 
  • you have worked for the University for at least 26 weeks by the 'qualifying week'
  • you and your partner share the main responsibility for the care of your child 
  • your partner meets the employment and earnings test 

Informing your line manager and HR Services

If you are considering taking shared parental leave please discuss this with your line manager as early as possible, so that the best options for covering your work can be worked out.

HR Services have a specialist team who will help you to work out your dates and to check how much leave and pay you qualify for. Contact to make a personal appointment.

If you are the mother/main adopter you will need to give a curtailment notice to end your maternity/adoption leave to your line manager and HR Services, at least 8 weeks before you wish this to end.

Both parents must give a completed opt-in notice to your line manager and HR Services, at the latest, 8 weeks before you wish to start your shared parental leave. You will also need to complete a booking form for each period of leave at least 8 weeks before that leave starts.

Keeping in touch during shared parental leave

Before you go on shared parental leave, please discuss with your line manager how much contact you would like to have. Your manager will keep you informed of any significant changes in the workplace that may affect you.

During shared parental leave you have the option to work for up to 20 ‘shared parental leave in touch’ (SPLIT) days, without bringing your leave to an end. This enables you to keep up to date with developments at work, and may include working, attending training or a meeting. These days are in addition to the 10 ‘keeping in touch’ (KIT) days already available to those on maternity or adoption leave. 

SPLIT days are optional, if you are interested in doing this, please discuss and agree these in advance with your line manager.