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All posts at the University are subject to probationary periods as follows: 

Staff groupProbation period Notice required by either party during probation period
Support staff Grades 1-5  6 calendar months  1 week

Academic-related and Research staff Grades 6–8

Research and Teaching focussed staff Grade 5

 9 calendar months  1 calendar month

Academic staff Grades 6-8

 4 years  3 calendar months 

Your induction programme is designed to help you to successfully complete your probation period. It is important that you complete the required training programmes and checklists. If you are unsure of any aspects of the requirements of your new role please discuss these with your line manager.

Your line manager will review your performance at regular intervals during the probationary period and will offer additional support and training if it is needed.

If employment is judged to be fully satisfactory your appointment will be confirmed.

If there are difficulties, the probation period for Academic-related, Research and Support staff may be extended for a maximum of up to 2 months if your line manager believes performance can be improved in that timescale to meet acceptable standards.

If performance is judged to be unsatisfactory, your employment will be terminated with the appropriate notice. During the period of probation, the notice period may be varied by mutual agreement.

The probation period for Academic staff may be reduced where there is evidence of a successful comparable probation in another UK University.

For further details, please see: