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Sickness absence

If you are unable to work due to sickness, you must telephone your line manager as soon as possible at the start of the day. You must adhere to the reporting arrangements of your school/department.

Keeping in touch

Whilst you are off you must maintain regular contact with your line manager to advise on your health and when you will be able to return to work.

Sick notes

If you return to work within 7 calendar days, you will be required to complete a self-certification form and your line manager will hold a return to work interview with you.

If you are off sick for longer than 7 calendar days you must obtain a fit note from your doctor and send this to your line manager on your 8th day of absence. Subsequent fit notes must arrive at the expiry of your previous one. On your return your line manager will hold a return to work interview with you

Medical appointments during work

You are expected to arrange medical and dental appointments outside of working hours wherever possible. Where this isn't possible you should make every effort to arrange appointments at the beginning or end of the day so as to minimise the amount of time away from work. You will be given paid leave to attend where this is considered reasonable.