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Bank holidays and closure days


The University usually closes for four days over the Christmas period and all staff are given this time off with pay in addition to normal annual leave. The closure days vary each year. All staff are also given paid time off on the eight bank holidays in addition to normal annual leave. For Support Staff who are required to work on either a closure day or a bank holiday, the pay/time off in lieu arrangements are set out in the Terms & Conditions of Employment.

In recognition of the exceptional hard work from colleagues during what continues to be a challenging year, all staff are entitled to an additional day of paid annual leave on Tuesday, 30th August 2022

The entitlement to both Bank Holidays and closure days is pro rata to your contracted hours, irrespective of which days of the week you work, (e.g.) if you work 50% of the full-time hours, you will be entitled to 50% of the bank holidays and closure days. Please see the annual leave section to find out how to calculate this.


New Years Day Monday, 3rd January 2022
Good Friday Friday, 15th April 2022
Easter Monday Monday, 18th April 2022
Early May Bank Holiday Monday, 2nd May 2022
Spring Bank Holiday Thursday, 2nd June 2022
*Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday Friday, 3rd June 2022
Summer Bank Holiday Monday, 29th August 2022
*Extra Day - Thank You Holiday Tuesday, 30th August 2022
Christmas Closure Day Friday, 23rd December 2022
Christmas Day Sunday, 25th December 2022
Boxing Day Bank Holiday Monday, 26th December 2022
Substitute Christmas Day Bank Holiday Tuesday, 27th December 2022
Christmas Closure Days

Wednesday, 28th December 2022

Thursday, 29th December 2022

Friday, 30th December 2022

New Year's Day Sunday, 1st January 2023
Substitute New Year's Day Bank Holiday Monday. 2nd January 2023

* 2022 Exceptional additional days 

University Reopens following Christmas and New Year Leave - Tuesday, 3rd January 2023