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My Team / Organisation Charts

All employees with access to MyView can view Organisation Charts for the University - these charts show the current line management structure as it appears in the People/Payroll system.

Line Managers will also have a 'My People' tab available, which allows them to view a list of their direct reports and some of their details.

Viewing and Updating Organisation Charts

The easiest way to view an Organisation Chart in MyView is to click on the chart/hierarchy symbol next to your job title. This is visible near the top of the menu panel on the left-hand side - you may need to expand this panel if accessing MyView on a device with a smaller screen.

You can navigate around charts and request changes/updates all within MyView - expand the sections below to find out more.

What can I see in an organisation chart?

The default view for a chart is centered around you. You should see yourself in the middle, with your direct Line Manager above and any direct reports below. You may also see other employees that have the same direct Line Manager.

The full name, job title, and contact details (work email, work telephone, or both) are visible in the chart. Some further details, such as 'Known As' names and Employee ID Number, are visible in a pop-up window when an employee is selected/clicked on.

Only occupied posts are visible in the charts - to view any vacant posts that are set to report directly to you, you will need to go to the 'My People' tab.

How do I navigate/move around an organisation chart?

You can use the purple arrows to navigate up or down levels, and can use click-and-drag to move around larger sections in a chart (or hold-and-drag on a touchscreen device).

Can I search for specific people in an organisation chart?

Yes! There are a couple of ways to do this:

  1. You can open the chart as described above and manually navigate around the chart until you find the person you're looking for.

  2. You can use the 'Employee Search' function
    • Enter the full name of the person you are looking for in the 'Employee Search' field near the top right-hand corner and press the Enter key or click the search/magnifying glass symbol
    • The next screen will show you the search results - find the correct person in the list (please note that people may appear more than once if they hold multiple roles)
    • Click on 'Organisation Chart' beneath the persons name - this will open up the chart centered around them

Something in my organisation chart is wrong - what should I do?

The action you need to take depends on what details are wrong:

  • If your 'Known As' name is incorrect, you can change this using the 'My Contact Details' form in MyView (available under the 'My Details' section of the menu)
  • If your full name, work email, or work phone number are incorrect, you will need to contact the relevant Faculty team in People and OD Operations - contact details are available here
  • If your job title is incorrect, you may need to ask your Line Manager to contact People and OD Operations on your behalf - contact details are available here. You can request small changes (e.g. correcting typos) yourself, but anything else should be requested by your Line Manager
  • If anyone is missing from your direct reports, or someone is listed that shouldn't be, you should submit the 'Request to change/update' form available under the 'Line Manager & Team View' section of the menu
  • If your direct Line Manager is incorrect, you will need to ask your correct Line Manager to submit the 'Request to change/update' form. Please note that you cannot request a change to your own Line Manager.

If you need to change anything else, please contact MyView via for advice.

Viewing My Team on the 'My People' tab

Line Managers will be able to see the 'My People' tab in the MyView menu panel (you may need to expand the panel if accessing MyView on a device with a small screen).

Please note that if you are a Line Manager and you cannot see this tab, you will need to submit a 'Request to change/update' form to provide us with the details of your direct reports (the form is available in the 'Line Manager & Team View' section of the menu). Once this form has been submitted, we can update the system.

The 'My People' tab allows you to do the following:

View and filter a list of all posts that report to you

You can view a list of all posts that are set to report directly to you, including both vacant and occupied roles.

You can filter the list of posts that report to you to show:

  • Your direct reports only
  • Your whole team (which includes your direct reports, any of their direct reports, and so on)
  • Any new starters
  • Any upcoming leavers
  • A custom selection (when you are viewing one of the other filterered lists, you can click on the 'Select' button next to specific people - if you then choose the 'My Selections' filter option, only those people selected will be visible)

View some details about your team

You can view some details about your team, including their:

  • Full name
  • 'Known As' name
  • Work email
  • Work phone
  • Pay group (i.e. what part of the month they are paid in)

You can see some summary details about their current role, including:

  • Post Start Date (what date they started in their current role)
  • Position Status (e.g. Fixed-Term, Permanent, Secondment etc.)
  • Occupancy Type
  • Post Title
  • Hours and Weeks Per Year
  • Grade (but not the specific spine point/rate/amount they are paid)

You can also see more details about their appointment history and current role, including:

  • Post Number
  • Post Title
  • Post Start Date and Post End Date (where applicable)
  • Post Projected End Date (for Fixed-Term or Secondment roles)
  • Length of Service in Post
  • Structure Unit details
  • Service Conditions (T&Cs)
  • Hours, Weeks Per Year, and FTE
  • Position Status
  • Occupancy Type
  • Grade (including specific spine point/rate details)
  • Cost Centre details (i.e. what Cost Centres/Activity Codes they are charged to)