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Fixed term contracts

If your fixed term contract is due to end the University will follow the procedures set out in the

At least four months before the expiry of your fixed term contract your line manager will discuss the possible options with you.  A member of staff from P&OD may also be involved in these discussions. The discussion will include:

• the possible renewal of your fixed term contract
• the possible award of a permanent contract
• possible redeployment (including retraining) 
• the possible expiry of your fixed term contract with no renewal

If appropriate, you will be placed on the Redeployment Register four months before the potential expiry of your contract.

At least three months before the expiry of your fixed term contract, P&OD will send you written confirmation, subject to the consultation process, of any likely change in contractual terms or if unavoidable the expiry of your employment contract. Your letter will include information about redundancy pay if appropriate.

The redeployment process will be ongoing until the termination date or an alternative role is identified prior to termination.