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Leaving the University


If you wish to resign from your post please discuss this with your line manager in the first instance. You will need to put your resignation in writing giving the appropriate contractual notice.

Staff Group Notice you are required to give to the University

Support staff, grades 1 - 5  

4 weeks
All other staff 3 calendar months

We have rolled out a new online form for notifying People & OD of leavers.  A guidance note on the new procedure, together with FAQs is available here, and the leaver form which is required to be submitted is available here.   We recommend using Google Chrome to open forms.

People & OD should be instructed as soon as possible, with your planned end date and information about any outstanding annual leave balance details.  If someone is leaving mid-month People & OD need to be informed before the payroll deadline for that month to prevent an overpayment.  

As well as informing People & OD of a leaver, managers are responsible for the completion of a mandatory leaver checklist that can be completed online.  Managers may find the How to manage a resignation guide useful.

Things to sort out before you leave

Annual leave

You are entitled to annual leave for each complete month you have worked up to your leaving date, plus the Bank Holidays and Closure days which fall into that period.  A complete month is where you are in post for all the working days of that month.

This will be pro rata to contracted hours for part-time staff. You can use the annual leave calculator to help you calculate this.

Any outstanding annual leave should be taken during your notice period. You will need to discuss and agree this with your line manager. In exceptional circumstances, and with prior approval, where taking leave is not possible during your notice period, you may be paid in lieu of any outstanding amount. If you have taken more leave than you are entitled to, a deduction will be made from your final salary payment.

Download your past payslips

Once you have left the University you will no longer be able to access your electronic payslips via the MyView portal.  Please ensure you log into MyView to download past payslips before you leave so you have these for your own records.


Please ensure that we have your current address to send your P45.  You can log into MyView to update your personal details.

Final salary payment

If you have an interest-free loan from the University any remaining balance will need to be paid in full or will be deducted from your final monthly salary.

Relocation expenses

If you are resigning within two years of taking up appointment, you will be required to repay 1/24th of the amount you received for each calendar month (or part month) after your leaving date. This amount may be deducted from your final salary payment.

University equipment and property

You must discuss with your line manager to ensure that all necessary arrangements are made for the handover of your work and the return of all University property, your staff card and keys, etc, before you leave.

Exit interview

We are keen to hear your views about the University and your role and welcome your completion of the Exit Interview Form which is available here. This will help us to understand why you are leaving and to identify any improvements we could make for the future. You may be asked to attend an exit interview with your line manager. If you prefer you may ask to discuss this with a member of People & OD staff.

Tell us where you are going

You will be sent a questionnaire, please return this to tell us where you will be working. The University is asked to provide to the Higher Education Statistics Authority (HESA) as part of our statutory reporting requirements.