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Managers' Must Do's

As a manager at Manchester, there are a number of things that you must do in your role. These must do's relate to health and safety, compliance, mandatory training, recruitment practices and other staff management procedure that are important for safety and wellbeing of your staff and the University. 

In addition to things listed below, please ensure you are fully aware of your responsibility in following and implementing the University's policies and procudureds. You can find more here

Must do

Ensure that your team undertake their mandatory training: (health and safety, data protection, diversity in the workplace)

For managers with international staff – be aware of and follow relevant immigration regulations

Complete a return to work meeting when a team member has been absent from work: Return to work form

Complete the exit checklist when staff leave the university: Exit checklist

Follow this guidance in relation to international visitors

When recruiting temporary or permanent staff, follow this guidance and approval process: See Recruiting staff. If you are going to be interviewing on behalf of The University, you must also attend the internal recruitment and selection training.

Familiaise yourself with our health and safety policies and procedures: Safety Services

Encourage colleagues to complete our colleague experience surveys when they join our University, after their first year of service and when they leaveYou can find out more in our colleague experience survey FAQs.