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Report an issue with a Library space

We all have a duty to ensure our Library spaces are looked after in the best possible way. This covers all aspects including cleaning, repairs and building management. We use helpdesk data to analyse and identify trends for the main sites.

See it, Sort it or Report it

  • We're all responsible for reporting issues - if you're unsure, contact the Estates Helpdesk
  • Good management of our Library spaces is a team effort
  • What we're willing to walk past is what we're willing to accept

If you have found or have been made aware of an issue, you should sort it (if it is safe and sensible to do so). However, this is not always possible. To report issues, please follow the guidance below.

An urgent issue

An urgent issue is a problem affecting an entire building/area or something that causes immediate and serious risk, such as floods, fire hazards and other immediate health and safety concerns. 

In this instance, tell your manager or another suitable member of staff (e.g. a member of the Library Leadership Team) immediately and phone the Estates help desk on 0161 275 2424, logging an urgent request of '00' which is a same day call out for engineers. 

Please also keep Ciaran Pook (Library Spaces Co-ordinator) informed of any urgent issues.

A non urgent issue

A non-urgent issue is a problem like faulty lighting, a damaged door hinge or a leaking tap.

In this instance, contact the Estates Helpdesk.

Is the issue to do with cleaning or the appearance of an area?

If the problem is along the lines of a blocked toilet or the layout of furniture in a meeting room, contact your building's House Services team.

At the John Rylands Research Institute and Library contact the Facilities Team.

Who else can help?

The following information about some common problems may help you but remember, if you see an urgent issue (eg people’s safety is at risk), inform your manager and phone the Estates help desk on 0161 275 2424.

IssueWho can helpGeneral information

Zip Taps

Library Finance Team

Zip Taps (instant boiling water dispensers) are maintained and repaired by a specialist company (not Estates). If a repair is needed, the company can be contacted via the Library Finance team.



House Services and the Estates Helpdesk

Small areas of damage in floors can lead to significant hazards. If you notice anything, report it immediately and also inform the team if you think it presents an immediate risk to someone being hurt.


Estates Helpdesk

Across Library spaces, environmental controls may differ in how they operate and are controlled. For example, you may sometimes find spaces hotter or cooler than you prefer, however this may not necessarily be a problem that Estates or another team can rectify immediately (or at all). It’s worth reporting any issues regardless.