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Inducting new staff: guidance for managers

The Library is fully committed to ensuring that all staff, irrespective of role, grade and location, are provided with the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to enable them to perform effectively, and with opportunities to develop their expertise.

There is also a legal obligation for employers to provide new staff with information about the employment contract, terms and conditions and health and safety issues. This begins with an effective induction and it is the line manager's responsibility to ensure that new staff receive a well-planned and structured induction.

Induction toolkit

Induction toolkit collates all the information managers need to provide a comprehensive, supportive and welcoming induction for new colleagues.

1. Complete the toolkit for managers

  • Work through actions you need take post-interview and to welcome your new colleague.
  • Complete induction goals, training requirements and induction schedule sections.

2. Create a toolkit for your new colleagues

  • Complete induction goals, training and induction schedule sections (copy over from your Toolkit for Managers document).
  • Share with new colleague when they start.
  • Work through induction checklist together during one2one discussions.