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Project and Operational Planning Support

The Project and Business Analysis team

  • manage strategic and operational Library projects for the Library's Executive Team and Library Leadership Team;
  • advise and support Library staff managing projects;
  • use business analysis techniques to deliver and manage change activities;
  • work with Directorates to ensure effective planning, monitoring and reporting of operational activities. 

Directorate and Team Library-led Projects Process

Scope ideas - is it a project?

The Projects and Business analysis team can help you determine if a proposed piece of work is a project or should be delivered as part of routine work activities. 

Define project brief

The Project Brief should be submitted to the Project Sponsor and the Projects and Business Analysis team for approval. Once approved, the project will be added to the relevant operational plan. 

Design and Plan

Create a Chat in Teams to co-ordinate your Project team’s activities and store project documentsUse of other project document templates is at the discretion of the Project Sponsor/Manager.  Templates are available in the UOM-LIB-All-Library-Staff Team: Operational Planning and Projects channel

Implement, Review and Close

The Project Sponsor will decide whether an End of Project report and/or Lessons Learned exercise would be beneficial. As a minimum, the project should produce a handover documentor checklist that records how outputs from the project will continue into day-to-day operation and who owns them once the project has closed. 

Strategic & Operational Library Projects (for Library Executive Team and Library Leadership Team)

Scope ideas

The Head of Projects and Business Analysis works with the Library Executive Team and Library Leadership Team to initiate Imagine 2030 projects and Library wide projects.


The project brief is submitted to the Project Sponsor and Head of Projects and Business Analysis prior to approval by Library Exec or Library Leadership Team. Once approved, the project will be added to the appropriate operational plan.

Design and Plan

The project manager will consider documentation requirements for the project which may include a business case, project plan, stakeholder log, risk register, benefits profile and comms plan. The governance structure for the project will be decided and recorded as will any further reporting requirements and approvals. A dedicated Teams space will be set up for document storage and co-ordination of project activities. Regular Project Management Office meetings will be used to monitor progress with six monthly project health checks in collaboration with the Business Intelligence team.

Implement, Review and Close

Before closing a project, the Project manager will, if appropriate, deliver a Lessons Learned workshop and create an End of Project report. The Projects and Business Analysis team willafter outputs have been handed over to day-to-day operation and the project has closed, carry out a post implementation review.

Further information and resources

Project process diagrams can be found in the UOM-LIB-All-Library-Staff Team: Operational Planning and Projects channel.

You can learn more about project roles and responsibilities on the Project Governance and Roles area of Staff Learning and Development.

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Contact us here or send us a post in our Teams channel UOM-LIB-All-Library-Staff Team: Operational Planning and Projects.