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If you need to recruit for an existing or a new post, please refer to the following:

Changing a role within the Library

Line managers must use the following procedure upon receipt of notification that a staff member has secured a new role elsewhere in the Library.

Casual Staff

On occasions, it may be appropriate to employ casual staff to work in the Library:

  • for work that is temporary and for a limited period (of up to 13 weeks)
  • where there is no definite requirement to work a particular number of hours because the availability of work is uncertain or the demand is subject to other events

Casual staff should not be used for work that is:

  • for a period that is likely to be more than 13 weeks
  • for ongoing work that varies according to workload/seasonal demands
  • one-off and has been assessed as appropriate to be carried out under a ‘contract for service’

The term “casual” refers to circumstances where there is a clear understanding that the individual has no obligation to be available for work, and the University has no obligation to provide work.

Individuals will only be paid for the hours they work and for accrued statutory annual leave. They will have no service conditions nor continuity of employment.

Casuals should be paid at the appropriate University rate for the work in line with the principles of equal pay and the University pay and grading structure, although they are not paid on a grade or incremental scale.

Payment for work is monthly in arrears and paid end of the month.

Process for employing Casual Staff

  1. Discussion with senior manager and approval to proceed. Matters that will need consideration are
    • Duties
    • Grade
    • Who will do the work
    • Period of work
  2. CAS 1 Form to be completed and passed to the Blue 1 Admin Office for submission to People & OD for approval
  3. If approved by People & OD, the manager supplies a letter of appointment for casual to sign – this then need to be taken, with CAS2 Form and CAS3 Form (plus P45 or P46) to People & OD.
  4. Once the casual starts work, CAS4 Form timesheets need to be signed by the manager and submitted weekly via email to or in person/post to Blue 1.8, Main Library. All timesheets submitted by the deadline (13th of each month) will then be authorised and submitted to Payroll for payment at month-end.

Managers are expected to provide a brief induction for casual staff, highlighting the key Health and Safety information, and introducing them to other staff in the Library.