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Crawford House Library Staff Hub: A Guide to Working Here

Crawford House Library Staff Hub

Finding Crawford House Library Staff Hub

Crawford House can be found on the corner of Oxford Road and Booth Street East and is number 31 on the Campus Map. The Library Staff Hub can be found on the second floor by taking the lift or stairs opposite the Crawford House porter's desk. Collection Care can be found on the mezzanine floor.

Access to the Library Staff Hub requires a staff card at the room entrance and access before 8am and after 6pm requires a staff card at the building entrance. 

Problems with staff card access, including adding new members of staff, should be reported to

Booking space

There is a variety of spaces available, including height adjustable desks and double-monitor workspaces. The ways we used this space to work together are evolving and adapting. If you have any comments about how the space is used, please post to the Library's Ways of Working Teams channel, tagging Michael Stevenson. 

Health and safety

Please familiarise yourself with fire exit procedures which can be found throughout the space.

The fire alarm system is tested on Wednesday at 11.45am. 

A first aid kit can be found in the staff room. Our two nearest defribrillators to the Crawford House Library Staff Hub are:

  • Occupational Health, 4th Floor, Crawford House
  • National Graphene Institute, South Entrance Foyer (90 on the Campus Map).

All staff should familiarise themselves with the Library's Health and Safety pages including what to do in case of emergency and first aid situations. 

Reporting issues

Issues with the space or equipment should be reported in the normal way. It is all our responsibility to report issues - if you see an issue, please report it.

Please do not remove IT equipment from the Crawford House Library Staff Hub. IT equipment can be requested using the 'Report an IT issue' link above.

Ordering supplies

Please check the small cupboard opposite the multi-functional device/printer (MDF) before ordering stationery or paper.

Stationery can be ordered by emailing Pamela Morris.

Paper for the MDF can be ordered by emailing Michael Stevenson.

Tea, coffee and milk for the staffroom can be ordered by emailing Paul Robinson


40 small lockers and four large lockers are available for all staff to use. Lockers use a keypad locking system. 

Instructions on operating keypad locking

  1. Open an available locker
  2. Close door, set the latch to the upright position and set a four digit code of your choosing
  3. Enter your four digit code and set the latch to the horizontal position to open.

Issues with retrieving your belongings from a locker

If you forget your code or otherwise have problems opening a locker to retrieve your belongings please contact Ciaran Pook, Michael Stevenson or Isabel Sebastian in the first instance.

Guidance on locker usage

Lockers are available on a first come first served basis.

Lockers may be used to store belongings overnight and at weekends.

Long term or team storage requirements should be requested through the Library's Ways of Working Teams channel, tagging Michael Stevenson. 

Locker availability is actively monitored but availability issues can be raised by emailing Michael Stevenson

Disability Advice and Support Service (DASS) and other reasonable adjustments

The Crawford House Library Staff Hub is a space for all staff to come together and we aim to make it a space where everyone can work comfortably and effectively. 

DASS-registered staff should discuss their requirements with their line manager.

One workspace is presently adjusted for an individual staff member and one locker made available for their needs, following DASS procedures. This station and locker are labelled. 

Staff requiring other reasonable adjustments to workspaces can email Michael Stevenson in the first instance to discuss the requirements. 

Staff can make their own adjustments to the space they are working in (such as using their own ergonomic mouse) so long as the workspace is returned to its original state when vacating the space.

Comments and feedback

General comments on the space and the ways we work in it can be posted on the Ways of Working Teams space.

Colleagues are also welcome to direct any comments or issues through their line manager or by contacting Staff Spaces Coordinator, Michael Stevenson.