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Welcome to the Library

Welcome to The University of Manchester Library

Starting a new job is exciting. We want you to feel welcome and to quickly settle in and get to know your colleagues, role and the Library. So we aim to provide a comprehensive induction with as much support and guidance as you need to help you find your feet.

  • The Library’s Staff Management Forum (SMF) has developed a Library induction toolkit for line managers and new colleagues.
  • Your line manager will ensure that you receive a well-planned and structured induction
  • The basis of your induction is a tailored individual induction programme
  • Your line manager will also discuss and complete an induction training and development plan with you
  • You can also reference University new Staff Induction Information

Your induction

The main focus of induction is to:

  • Advise you of the full range of duties and performance standards required in your post, and inform you of how progress will be reviewed and monitored
  • Introduce you to colleagues and any other key people within the team/section/site
  • Cover statutory obligations and requirements e.g. Health and Safety
  • Encourage you to undertake any training related to your post
  • Provide you with any other relevant information and support which will enable you to settle in quickly and become effective

The length and nature of induction will be tailored to meet your individual needs. In all cases, however, induction will be a staged process which covers all essential elements within an appropriate timescale (this is typically a month). 

The Library's strategic goals are closely aligned to the 'Our Future' vision and strategic plan for The University of Manchester.