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Expenses and petty cash

Petty cash

The Petty cash system has now been discontinued by The University of Manchester, and all claims must now be submitted on the Online Expenses portal in MyView.


Please contact the Library Administration Team before submitting any kind of Expenses claim

The team will provide you with the correct budget code to use for your claim.

Employees now need to complete their expense claims online:

  • Make sure you have the correct approvals and budget code (cost centre code)
  • Login to MyView
  • Further details about the MyView portal are available here: About MyView Expenses (StaffNet)
  • Information about the rules and regulations surrounding expense claims is available here: Expenses (StaffNet)
  • Claims must be less than three months old and all receipts should be submitted as scanned copies.
  • The claim will automatically go to your line manager for approval and then to the budget holder for further approval - please check that your line manager is listed correctly on the hierarchy in MyView. If your line manager does not approve the claim within seven days, it will go up to the next manager on the hierarchy.
  • Guidance and training content about the new portal is available - look for 'Training Materials' under the Help Links on the claim form in MyView.
  • The old portal in MyManchester is now closed for new claims (you are still able to view any previously submitted claims).
  • Further information is available on Staffnet or from the Library Admin Team contact