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Using communications channels

There are different channels for communication with Library staff, University colleagues and students

Work out who you want to share your news with, and then choose the most relevant channel(s).

To share news with Library staff, choose the following channels:

Library intranet

The Library intranet pages contains the latest updates about the Library, and provides information on booking workspaces, resources for supporting our work and information about the different teams and roles we have in the Library. 

To submit a news item for inclusion on the Library intranet, please email by 12pm each Tuesday.

Library Update

Library Update comes out every two weeks. This newsletter captures news and updates across the Library and University. We encourage staff to contribute news items. 

To submit a news item for inclusion in Library Update, please email by 12pm each Tuesday.

All-Staff meetings

Library All-Staff meetings usually include one or more of these elements:

  • Library Directorate spotlight - an opportunity to focus on a project or a good news item, or a deep dive into a particular service area.
  • Imagine 2030 Lead Priority Area update or general progress report
  • Leadership Team 'Group' update
  • External speaker (from another team or Directorate across the University)

To share news with students and public audiences, choose the following channel:

Library website

To submit a news item to be seen by students and public audiences, raise a ticket via the Support Portal.

  • Choose Request Support
  • Select Library Services in the Filter Options menu on the lefthand side
  • Select Web Services from the drop down menu
  • Select the item 'Humanities and Library web content change'.

What to include

When submitting your content, please include:

  • What the story is
  • Why it’s important
  • Who is involved
  • When and where it has happened/is happening
  • Any action you want people to take
  • Any landscape images you would like to illustrate the story (phone pictures are fine)

How to format your submission

Please format your submission ideally as follows:

  • Embargo date/time (if applicable)
  • Image: (not required, but preferable) minimum 720x420 pixels
  • Title: max 80 characters including spaces
  • Subtitle: max 420 characters including spaces
  • Copy: ideally 150-300 words

Web accessibility

All content supplied for publication on the web (including documents) must meet The University of Manchester web accessibility guidelines.