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Conferences, training courses and travel

How to book conferences, training or travel

  • Seek approval from your line manager. Please give at least a week's notice prior to any closing dates.
  • Complete the Conference/Training Course & Travel Application.
  • This form should include full details of the conference, training or travel that is being requested.
  • All conferences/training courses or travel outside the UK need permission from the University Librarian.
  • If there is provision for online payment, the applicant should indicate this clearly plus any other information required by the supplier organisation concerned at the time of booking.
  • The applicant should not submit a booking to the event organisers for any chargeable course.
  • You must state whether this is Departmental Training or part of the Strategic Training Plan 2016 and if so what category.

On submission, the form will go to the line manager and then to the Library Executive Team member named on the form for approval. After approval the form will automatically be sent to Library Finance.

For chargeable events all bookings will be made by the Library Admin Team - do not make bookings personally.

For STDU or free courses - these may be booked direct, once your form has been approved. Confirmation of a place must be sent to Library Admin Team.

Once booking confirmation has been received by the applicant please send confirmation to Library Admin Team and any travel and accommodation request will be processed.

Contact us on +44 (0) 161 275 3752 with any queries.

Insurance and Travel Subsistence

The University has insurance cover in place for people travelling on University business and for students undertaking study or placements abroad. See the Insurance Office for more information.