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Explore the different stages of the project as we progress, and the timeframe for completion.

Improvements will be taking place from February 2024 to February 2025. As the project progresses, there will be regular communications about how these works may impact staff.

While improvements are taking place to the main entrance, a temporary acessible entrance will be in use at the side of the modern extension.

From August 2024, visitors will be required to book their visits online. Researchers will still be able to access the reading room for the duration of the project, and Imaging Services will still be available.

There are two phases to the project.

Phase One: February to August 2024

February 2024

Work begins. The former cafe will be transformed into an event space.

April 2024

The modern entrance, reception desk and shop (with work continuing beyond August into Phase Two) will be refurbished.

May 2024

The French Revolution room will be transformed into an Imaging Lab (with work continuing beyond August into Phase Two).

Phase Two: September 2024 to February 2025

August 2024

Gallery and exhibition spaces will be refreshed. The Spencer and Crawford Rooms will be part of this enhancement, along with the Cross Corridor, set to be converted into the Permanent Exhibition Gallery. Additionally, the Rylands Gallery will be transformed into the Temporary Exhibition Gallery.

Staff spaces including the Printed Books Office and the Wolfson Room will also be improved. 

October 2024

Current imaging labs will be transformed into the Virtual Teaching Space and Meeting Room.

Work is scheduled to end on 17 February 2025.

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