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Business Continuity

The Library plays a hugely important role in University life and the loss of some or all of our facilities could have a serious impact on students, staff and researchers, and consequently on the reputation and finances of the University.

Reporting an incident

Any member of staff identifying a problem – even if it’s not yet affecting customers - should report it to a manager who, if escalation is required, will notify a member of the Library Executive Team.

They will decide if a Business Continuity Plan needs to be implemented and a Library Incident Manager appointed.

Business Continuity Plan

This Business Continuity Plan details the actions that should be taken to manage disruption and return to normal service in the event of an incident. You can view the Business Continuity plan here:

Library Incident Managers

When the Business Continuity plan is enacted, a Library Incident Manager is appointed by Library Exec and delegated authority to manage all aspects of the situation.

Library Incident Managers will handle any kind of incident.

The Library Incident Managers are:

Communication during an incident


Education, Experience and Strategic Insights (ESSI) will lead on communication during an incident and use various onsite and online channels to communicate to students and non-Library staff during and after an incident. Our social media handle is @uomlibrary on Twitter and Instagram and The University of Manchester Library on Facebook.

Library staff

All Staff emails and posts on the All Library Staff Team will be used to communicate key messages about an incident. An incident log will also be created and updated via this page in the event of a major incident.