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IT self-help

Guides and information for finding help with minor IT issues can be found in the Knowledgebase in the IT Support Portal. For useful info and tips see the nuggets folder on the all staff Team

Troubleshooting issues 

  • My computer freezes or is behaving strangely
    Switch if off and on again. This sounds basic but it can close problems and clears the memory to refresh your machine.
  • My computer is running slow
    Close down programs not in use and do not run many at the same time. Restart your laptop (as above). 
  • Global Protect is not popping up / want access to it
    You can open this manually from the program list, either search for Global Protect or you can find it under P for Palo Alto Networks. You can also reach it from the circumflex ˄ on the right of your taskbar (shows hidden icons)
  • My email is not working, or I cannot access the S drive
    Ensure you have set up Global Protect properly. Sometimes it looked like it worked but it did not. Sometimes Global Protect needs refreshing as it lost access to the network. Right click on Global Protect and then select three lines at the top – choose refresh connection. (see above for how to reach Global Protect).
  • Global Protect is not sending me a push notification (no network on phone)
    Create a one-off passcode on your app. This passcode can then be used as part of the login process but entering it after your password separated by a comma (e.g. password,123456).
  • My Office desktop applications are not working
    Check online at first as this will show you if it is the desktop apps or your account
  • You really cannot fix the problem
    If you cannot sort it then we can help. Please put a ticket into the Support Portal


This is an international Wi-Fi service that is available to all staff and students at the University. Make sure you use as your login. Find out more on the IT Services Eduroam page.

Old IT kit

Please send any old IT kit e.g. PCs, keyboards, mice, to the "Library IT Store, Main Library" so we can decide whether to reuse it or recycle it.

Small items can be sent via the internal mail and large items can be sent on the Library van. Please fill in the Collections Transport form to make arrangements for collection. Please do not put a ticket into the IT Support Portal.


You can set up the OneDrive so it appears on File Explorer (like the P drive) by opening OneDrive on your machine. Find it by typing 'OneDrive' on the bottom left, and open the OneDrive app. You might need to log in first using your email and password.

And you can also access it online at so you can access it easily anywhere on any device.

P drive web access

Your P drive can be accessed from any internet connected PC on or off campus by opening your web browser and visiting

  • Log in with your usual username and password and you should see all the files and folders that you have on your P drive
  • At the login page you can also click the User Documentation button for help
  • Once logged in, to download a file, click the red down arrow next to it then choose a location to save the file to
  • To upload a file back to your P drive, click Browse at the top of the page, select the file then click Upload Files.

S drive and other shared drives

To set up your shared drive:

  • Either use the Drivemap programme available in the Software Center and choose the drive and choose map drives at the bottom - only do this once or it will add lots. 
  • Or map manually in File Manager under This PC > Map network drive
    Choose a letter (usually S for our Library shared drive) 
    And add this address \\\vol7\JRUL 

The Software Center

You can download some software yourself on managed laptops and PCs.

Software here is already licensed and paid for so it’s a good idea to search for items here before requesting something. Software on here includes Chrome updates, Xerox printers, Skype, Paint Shop Pro, Password Safe, PDF Fusion and much more.

Access is via the desktop and you need to be connected to Global Protect first before accessing it.

Mailing lists for IT issues

To enable you to keep up to date with IT issues, you can sign up to receive emails alerting you to service outages and issues.

For help joining and leaving mailing lists

For the general IT Service availability see Help and Support or follow the IT Services Twitter feed.