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Laptop loans for Library staff

The Library provides a laptop loan facility to help Library staff as and when needed. If taking a laptop off campus, it's important to read the 'Logging in' section below beforehand.

Please note: This service is for Library staff only. Non-library staff will need to place a request in the IT Support Portal

Laptop loan locker location

The laptop loan locker is located in the Library staff room on Blue Ground at the Main Library. All laptops are now issued on a one week loan.

To loan a laptop you will need to:

  1. Touch the screen to begin.
  2. Tap your staff ID card on the card reader near the screen when instructed.
  3. When a locker starts flashing, tap your card on the reader near that locker to release the lock.

Using a laptop

  1. The laptops are designed to help you work more flexibly so can be taken out of the building or off-campus.
  2. Please take a carry case and charger (chargers are in the case) from the box for longer loans.
  3. Please take care of the laptop and contact IT Services on x65544 or via the help section of the IT Services website if anything doesn’t work or gets broken, lost or stolen.

Logging in

The following instructions will help you login to a staff loan laptop:

  • Anyone with a University of Manchester username and password can login to a staff loan laptop
  • The laptop may present you with two sets of login boxes
  • If you have not logged onto the laptop before, you will need to fill in both sets of login boxes
  • In the first two boxes enter your central University username and password e.g. mtlsstt1 and your password
  • In the second set of boxes enter your username followed by ‘’ e.g. and password (where it says domain\network username)
  • When you have successfully logged on once, you only need to use the first set of login boxes using your central University username and password
  • If you are taking the laptop off-campus you will need to complete the login process on-campus first
  • If you receive the message ‘There are currently no log on servers to service this request’ please reboot the laptop and try again.

If you are still unable to login please call x65544 to report this or any other issue.

Accessing Microsoft Teams

You will need to install Microsoft Teams from the Software Centre, as it’s not currently preinstalled.

Accessing drives

If the S drive is not showing:

  1. Run DriveMap located on the desktop.
  2. Scroll down the list and tick jrul.admin.uman.ds S: \\\vol7\ JRUL
  3. Click the Map Drives button at the bottom of the page.

You will only need to do this once per laptop.

There is a Windows 10 Help & Info icon on the desktop that will direct you to a webpage containing information and useful guides as well as a feedback link.

Returning a laptop

  1. Touch the screen to begin and select the ‘Return’ option.
  2. Tap your staff ID card on the card reader near the screen.
  3. Return the laptop to the open locker, making sure you connect it to the power lead and network cable.
  4. Close the door to complete the return.