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Staff Learning and Organisational Development Group

The purpose of the Library's Staff Learning and Organisational Development Group is to design a Learning and Organisational Development framework for the Library and an associated Learning and Development Plan for all staff.

The group will: 

  • Articulate an approach to staff learning and development that is clear and transparent to all and that will support decision-making at the most appropriate level in line with library objectives, within budget and with minimal bureaucracy.
  • Link clearly to the University SLD offer and service as a first port of call and enable the use of other relevant internal and external sources of specialist training or development as appropriate.
  • Facilitate the review of the Library’s learning & organisational development needs on an annual basis in order to support the strategic and operational priorities of the Library in the context of Imagine 2030, alongside those of the individual.
  • Provide a clear structure for monitoring and evaluating our development activity.

Group outputs

The outputs of the group include:

  • An overarching articulation of our approach to L&OD through agreed set of principles.
  • A review of our current processes with a view to simplification and consistency.
  • A prioritised action plan that will enable the creation of a baseline Staff Learning and  Development Plan for 2024/25.
  • An agreed process & timeline for keeping the SL&OD plan updated in line with other annual planning activities.
  • A communication plan to launch our new L&OD approach.

Staff Learning and Organisational group principles

  • Alignment and University goals: Ensure that staff learning, and organisational development initiatives are aligned with the Library's Imagine2030 strategic goals and objectives.
  • Continuous improvement: Emphasise the importance of continuous improvement; encourage and support ongoing learning and development opportunities for all staff, regardless of their role or level within the Library.
  • Equity, diversity and inclusivity: Ensure that all staff have equitable access to staff development opportunities that are aligned to their objectives. To ensure that staff feel valued, respected, and empowered to embrace growth and advancement in both vertical and lateral career paths.
  • Collaboration: Foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing across departments and teams to promote learning and development.
  • Innovation: Encourage creativity and the exploration of new and innovative approaches to learning and development that leverage technology, research, and best practices.
  • Evaluation and measurement: Evaluate the effectiveness of learning and development initiatives regularly and measure their impact on organisational performance.

Group Membership and representation

  • Sarah Rayner (co-lead) - Leadership Team, SMF and Faculty and Student Partnerships
  • Peter Wadsworth (co-lead) - Leadership Team, Library Executive Office Manager, Directorate of the University Librarian
  • Amin Hussain - EDI, AI and Ideas Adoption
  • Lucinda May - Directorate of the University Librarian
  • Paul Ralphs - Faculty and Student Partnerships, Academic Libraries North Staff Development rep
  • Kathryn Sullivan - Leadership Team Collection Strategies
  • Elisabeth Carr - Curatorial Practices
  • Gavin Deadman - Learning and Organisational Partner
  • Deborah Bunker - Learning and Organisational Partner