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Conduct and discipline

The conduct and discipline of students is governed by Regulation XVII which applies to all students at the University.

For more information on how this regulation is applied see the University Teaching and Learning Support Office website.

Cases of alleged academic malpractice can be dealt with at either School, Faculty or University level, depending on the student's level of study and the seriousness of the offence.

To help you decide where an academic malpractice case should be heard, see the University's procedure for handling cases of academic malpractice.

Referring cases of alleged academic malpractice

How do I refer a case of suspected academic malpractice to the Faculty or central University?

You should first make sure that paragraphs 27-29 of the Academic Malpractice Procedure have been followed and that the case is one that should be referred to the Faculty or University (see paragraph 30 of the procedure).


To the Faculty:

  1. Complete the Faculty academic malpractice referral form
  2. Email the form – plus all supporting documentation – to

What happens once a case has been referred to Faculty?

For cases which are being heard at Faculty level, we will make arrangements for a panel to meet  and we will liaise with the student and other parties as necessary.  The referring School/Division will be kept informed of progress and will receive a copy of the outcome letter.  For cases which need to be referred onwards to the central University, the Faculty will check the referral paperwork and if this all appears in order, we will send it on to the Student Services Centre who make the arrangements for central University panels.  At that point the Faculty has no further involvement.


To the University:

  1. Complete the University allegation of academic malpractice form
  2. Email the form – plus all supporting documentation – to
  3. The Faculty team will then check the form and forward it to the Student Services Centre

Faculty policies on the conduct and discipline of students