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Academic appeals

If a student is considering an appeal, they should talk things through with someone at their school first.

An academic supervisor, personal tutor or programme director can listen to the student's concerns and help them understand the reasons behind the academic decision.

It's only if a student remains dissatisfied that they should submit a formal appeal.

Submitting an academic appeal

Please note, if it is necessary to submit the data of a third party as part of the evidence for an appeal, we ask that students only share what is absolutely necessary. In submitting such evidence, the student must have notified the third party in advance of sharing the information.

What information should students be given about submitting academic appeals?

Information about the appeals procedure should be included in Programme Handbooks and within communications sent out about final results following Exam Boards (or equivalent committees which affect a student’s academic standing or progress).

For example wording, see the Faculty’s Programme Handbook Toolkit.

A student has approached me saying they want to appeal.  What should I do?

A brief record should be kept of this informal discussion with the student to explore their reasons for wanting to appeal and the process that they must follow in order to do so.  This could be either a saved copy of the email conversation or some written notes of a verbal discussion, which should be stored internally.

Once the student has a better understanding of why they received their original result and the procedures that were followed, it is possible that they may decide not to appeal after all. However, if they still wish to do so, they should be advised to follow the instructions provided in their Programme Handbook or results letter.

Do students receive extensions to compensate for the time it takes for their appeal to be processed?

The decision of the Examination Board (or equivalent decision making body) stands until an appeal is fully completed and only changes if the appeal outcome specifies this. While the Faculty Officer will normally inform a student of the outcome and their findings within 40 working days of the appeal having been received, this is not always possible. Students should be advised to proceed with any previously set deadlines under the assumption that the original decision of the Examination Board (or equivalent decision making body) will not be changed. If the appeal is upheld, then it may be appropriate for the programme team to take into account the timeframe of the appeal if a resubmission/ new examination date needs to be set as part of the outcome.

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