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FBMH Technical Services Review

A review of Technical Services is taking place across the University, primarily focussed on FBMH and FSE where the majority of the resource is based. The Review aims to modernise our technical structures in order to provide a more future focussed, agile service that operates across historical and organisational boundaries, and takes a more integrated view of the research and teaching requirements of the University overall. This work is more prevalent considering the environment the University currently finds itself operating in.

Within FBMH this review is being carried out by the Technical Services Review Group (TSRG), chaired by David Pattwell, Head of School Operations for the School of Medical Sciences, and sponsored by Vikki Goddard, Director of Faculty Operations. A Reference Group has also been set up with members from Academic, Research and Technical staff who will provide feedback throughout the review process, acting as 'champions'. Membership of both these groups can be found below.

The remit of the TSRG is  to undertake a comprehensive review of the Faculty's Technical Services (including Technical and Experimental Officer requirements across research, teaching, facilities and Schools) to ensure that the Faculty is optimising the provision of service to achieve its objectives. 

The Technical Services Steering Group (TSSG)

The roles and membership of the TSSG, the main working group involved in the Review 

The Technical Services Steering Group

The Group was formed to undertake a review of the Technical Services across FBMH to ensure that we are optimising the provision of service to achieve the Faculty’s objectives.

Project Sponsor: FBMH Director of Faculty Operations 

Technical Services Steering Group members:

  • David Pattwell, Head of School Operations, School of Medical Sciences (Steering Group Chair)
  • Janine Ellis, Head of School Operations, School of Health Sciences
  • Liz Caine, Head of School Operations, School of Biological Sciences
  • Catherine Wright, Programme Manager for Hearing Health Theme, BRC (Project Manager)
  • Milton Hand, Faculty HR partner
  • Rebecca Darlington, Research Project Assistant, School of Medical Sciences (Project Administrator)
  • Stephanie Shaw, Faculty Internal Communications and Engagement Officer (Project Communications)