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We have four main goals in providing a more environmental sustainable Faculty:

  1. Reduce > Reuse > Recycle waste.
  2. Electricity: Awareness, responsibility and holiday shutdowns.
  3. Travel: Promotion of alternatives and university incentives.
  4. Procurement: To value sustainability in procurement.

Our goals are in partnership with those of the University, the City of Manchester and the UK Government. We ensure these goals are met by proactively raising awareness of these issues to both staff and students. 

The information booklet 'Easy Everyday Eco Actions for Everyone' provides practical advice for staff and students around environmental sustainability. The booklet outlines local recycling facilities, green transport, waste reduction, event organising and ethical purchasing and includes links to relevant websites.

Faculty sustainability contact

BMH Social Responsibility and Public Engagement team

tel: 0161 306 1380


Schools' Sustainability Teams

School of Health Sciences


School of Medical Sciences