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If you require a new website or a change to an existing site you should always contact your Faculty’s web team in the first instance.

Professional communications and technical support will be provided to:

  • set up webpages or develop a new minisite;
  • update or maintain an existing (currently live) Faculty minisite;
  • determine what your requirements and needs are;
  • make sure your site aligns to University and Faculty guidelines;
  • make sure your site meets professional best practice.

Requesting support

Support is provided to Faculty staff across sites for research, student recruitment, and other purposes. For example:

  • centre/group sites;
  • event/conference listings and sites;
  • basic study/participant recruitment sites;
  • course entries and subject area sites.

Professional support includes:

  • the collation and writing of content;
  • website build;
  • project management;
  • maintaining the site.

You can contact the web team directly with any queries or requests relating to websites.

New websites

You should contact the web team before starting to produce any new website by yourself, or with external companies/web designers.

In most cases it is not necessary to use external suppliers for the types of site needed within the Faculty. This means it may be inappropriate or a waste of money to do so.

Even when using an external provider is required, involving us at the start can be beneficial. In one recent case we were able to save thousands of pounds of costs from a quote simply by spending 30 minutes of our time determining the best site structure and navigation.

You can expect:

  • a quick response acknowledging we have received your request and will be in contact;
  • a follow up within a couple of days to schedule a detailed discussion;
  • a clear guide to what can be done and how;
  • support throughout the process;
  • clear explanations, and defined timings and deadlines.

Existing sites

You may already have a website that was developed by the MHS or Life Sciences web teams prior to the merger.

If you or a member of your team previously had access to edit these sites, you should still be able to do so.

Sites not in Faculty templates

If you currently have a Faculty related site that is not in one of the Faculty templates, please contact the web team for support in moving it into Faculty templates.

Research-related sites

Following the launch of the new Faculty the provision of research-related websites is being examined to ensure it best supports the emerging research strategy.

The web team is currently experiencing a high number of requests for research sites, and each request needs to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. It is likely that only moderate changes will be supported until the full plan is completed.

Contact the web team if you have any questions.

Research profiles

Information about research profiles is available here.

Profiles for researchers are now hosted in the main University research information system, Pure. This replaces any Faculty systems you may have used in the past.