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Fitness to practise

Many students within the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health come into contact with the public when undertaking practical training as part of their study.

The Faculty has a duty to ensure that those students are fit to practise and has established a procedure for dealing with student-related fitness to practise issues.

View the Faculty fitness to practise procedure

Any issues surrounding professional behaviour should at first be investigated at School level. Only when an internal School investigation has concluded will a Faculty-level Committee on Fitness to Practise consider a case.

Referring cases to the Faculty Fitness to Practise Committee

  1. Complete the Faculty fitness to practise referral form
  2. Email the form – plus all supporting documentation – to

Temporary suspensions

On rare occasions, it might be necessary to temporarily suspend a student whilst fitness to practise proceedings are ongoing.

For more information, see the following:

Further guidance on the Fitness to Practise procedure