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Health and Safety

It is the policy of the Faculty to pursue the highest standards of Health and Safety in all of its activities.

Minimum compliance with legal requirements is not the objective and we seek progressive, continuous improvement in safeguarding all staff, students, visitors and others who may be affected by our work activities.

The University is implementing a chemical inventory system called LabCup. FBMH is in the pilot phase of rolling this out. Further information and guidance can be found on our LabCup intranet pages.

Please send feedback and comments regarding the FBMH H&S pages to

Faculty and Schools Health and Safety Statements of Intent

Faculty Health and Safety Statement of Intent 

This statement of intent identifies the essential elements of our safety management system and details the commitment the Faculty has for maintaining and improving safety management standards.

So far as is reasonably practicable, we will provide a safe work environment that meets all relevant statutory requirements.

Each School in the Faculty also has a statement of intent that outlines how the School will assist the Faculty in maintaining and improving safety management standards within that School and details their commitment to this end.

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