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FBMH Collaborative Timetabling 2023/24

How will collaborative timetabling work?

Collaborative timetabling is being introduced through the University's Timetabling Project to align various timetabling processes across the three Faculties to produce a consistent, fair, clash free timetable for both students and staff.

The Faculty Scheduling Team will work closely with FBMH Schools to determine the structure of taught activities for our programmes and with People and Organisational Development to gather data on flexible working arrangements. Once this information is combined, the Faculty Scheduling Team will determine when and where a taught activity can be scheduled, taking into account other factors such as the University estate. The aims of the project include:

  • Giving all students and staff complete, accurate and up-to-date personal timetables
  • Greater utilisation of our available Estate and fairer access for all areas
  • Ensuring a clash-free timetable for staff and students which reflects current working arrangements and minimises travel between classes
  • Delivering a finalised and settled timetable earlier in the year and reducing the number of unnecessary mid-term changes to timetables to minimise disruption for students
  • Creating a repository of timetable data to be used each year to reduce the amount of time required to be spent on data input by Teaching and Learning staff

As the project progresses, faculty specific details on processes, timelines, guidance, FAQs and contacts will be published here on the FBMH Collaborative Timetabling page.

Key Timetabling Dates 2023/24

We are currently agreeing dates for data collection and scheduling in 2023/24.

Tuesday 17th Janaury 2023

  • Flexible Working Arrangement (FWA) and Teaching Availability Arrangement (TAA) applications open

Wednesday 1st February 2023

  •  Data Collection for 23/24 commences

Tuesday 28th February 2023

  • Deadline for Flexible Working Arrangement (FWA) and Teaching Availability Arrangement (TAA) applications

Friday 17th March 2023

  • Deadline for Schools/PGR Services to submit Data to the Faculty Scheduling Team
  • Deadline for Teaching Availability Arrangements to be submitted to P&OD

Monday 17th April 2023

  • Faculty Scheduling Team commences scheduling 23/24 timetable

Friday 28th July 2023

  • Publication of Draft Timetable

Monday 7th August 2023

  • Student and Staff timetable available via Publish

Monday 14th August 2023

  • Student allocation to activities

Monday 25th September 2023

  • Start of Semester One

Contact us

Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health Scheduling Team:

Joseph Desjardins, Ona Sumner (Teaching and Learning Officers - Scheduling & Projects)

Becky Schulp, Jo Chesters (Teaching and Learning Co-Ordinators - Scheduling & Projects)

Kerry Woodgate, Pippa James, Rachel Copson (Teaching and Learning Administrators – Scheduling and Projects)

Please send any questions regarding FBMH timetables to

You can also contact the Timetabling Project team directly.