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School of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences is led by Professor Andy Brass and is made up of the following six divisions:


Information and documents related to the SHS School Board is available on SharePoint (restricted to members of SHS only).

Key school contacts

Head of School

Professor Andrew (Andy) Brass

tel: 0161 275 5096


Head of School Operations

Janine Ellis

tel: tbc


Head of Teaching, Learning and Student Experience

Chris Bamford

tel: 0161 306 7728


EA to Head of School, Head of School Operations and Head of Student Operations

Sharon Farrell

tel: 0161 306 0600


School operations

School Operations Manager

Jayne Ward
tel 0161 275 2568

Operations Manager - Division of Pharmacy and Optometry

Victoria O’Reilly 

Operations Manager - Division of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

Sarah Moxon
tel 0161 276 7870

Operations Manager - Division of Psychology, Communication and Human Neuroscience / Division of Psychology and Mental Health

Grant Boyle
tel: 0161 306 8250

Operations Manager - Division of Informatics, Imaging and Data Sciences / Division of Population Health, Health Services Research and Primary Care

Rajeshree Rana
tel 0161 305 0540

Teaching and Learning

School of Health Sciences
Job title Name Tel Email
Lecturer in Health Sciences Education Development Sally Hickson 0161 306 7727
Student Service, Support and Development Manager Saira Jackson 0161 275 2559
Student Support and Development Officer (Student Support and Wellbeing) Samira Green 0161 306 7717
Student Support and Development Officer (Information Advice and Guidance) Daniel Shipman
Teaching and Learning Officer (Programme and Curriculum)  David Parry 0161 275 2583
Teaching and Learning Officer (Assessment and Progression) Sandra Humphries 0161 275 2425
Teaching and Learning Officer (Placements) Lindsay Blanks 0161 306 7706
Teaching and Learning Officer (Accreditation) Lisa Carter 0161 275 2053


Research Operations

School Research and Projects Manager

Karen Goodson
tel 0161 275 0542


Research Services Operations Manager (SBS and SHS)

Charlotte Jackson


SHS - Research Support Services

Contacts in the RSS delivery team assigned to the School of Health Sciences