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Name of your new team in Microsoft Teams

“Team” is the name for an official collaborative group in Microsoft Teams set up for working groups, departments or projects. Each team has their own SharePoint file space and tools to enable collaboration, communication and coordination and has their own email address. 

Within the team you will have channels for sub-teams, for services the team is responsible for, or for topics. The channels aren’t private so all team users can see each channel within a team.

Naming convention

For readability it's best to keep the names short and use the description field for context and clarity. Names can have no more than 60 characters. All should have dashes


Function of team

Descriptive Name

UOM-LIB = Library

C = Committees and steering groups
G = Working groups
P = Projects
AIIA = AI and Ideas Adoption
CS = Collection Strategies
CP = Curatorial Practices
ESSI = Education, Experience and Strategic Insights
DUL = Directorate of the Uni Librarian

50 characters maximum

Name examples:

  • UOM-LIB-C-Library-Executive-Team
  • UOM-LIB-C-AIIA-Directorate-Management-Team
  • UOM-LIB-FSP-Customer-Services

Current list of Library staff teams

How to apply

Team creation is not self-service so please complete the form to request a team. Teams created outside of this process will be deleted by IT Services.