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Digital signage

Digital screens are used throughout our Library sites to share information with Library users or raise awareness of events, activities or services. 

Digital signage is usually related to a wider communications plan and is developed by the Digital Communications team.

If you reqire further information or support regarding digital signage in the Library, please contact Kristian Scott or Lindsay Wilson.

Portable signage

Members of the student team pose with the portable signage device in AGLC
Members of the Student Team with the portable signage device in AGLC.

While the majority of our digital signage relates to a wider communication plan, our portable signage device allows Library staff to create their own signage relating to an event or resource particular to their team or directorate.

To request use of the device, get in touch with Kristian Scott or

Using the device

Follow the steps below when using the device.

  1. Images to be displayed must be in MP4 (video) or JPG (image) format and exactly 1080px by 1920px in portrait. 
  2. To play content in a specific order, slides should include numbers within the filenames, e.g. 1. Library.mp4, 2. Welcome.jpg etc.)
  3. Upload the files to an empty USB drive
  4. Turn on the device via the power button, wait for it to boot up then insert the USB
  5. The content will automatically be uploaded from the USB 
  6. The screen can then be wheeled to where it is needed

There is no need to plug it in, as the battery can last for up to 24 hours.

Main Library Video Wall and AGLC External Screen

The video wall in Blue Ground in Main Library is used to share University-wide communications, as well as those relating to the Library.

Anyone wishing to display signage on this screen should send their request to

Content intended for the large screen on the exterior of the AGLC should be sent to