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Training opportunities

Workshops and training provided by the University's Staff Learning and Development team and external providers.


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Getting started with Public Engagement FBMHS2107 Twice a year, typically in October and January.

This half-day workshop is designed for researchers who are new to or who have limited experience of public engagement and want to build up their skills, so that their public engagement is more effective.

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Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating Public Engagement TDY5 Once a year, typically in December. This interactive back-to-basics workshop will encourage you to think about why evaluation of engagement is important; look at ways to get started; explore different techniques you can use; and consider what your findings can tell you. Book online
Masterclass in Evaluating Public Engagement TDY6 Once a year, typically in January. This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your own practice, and consider how to maximise the value of evaluating your engagement activities. Book online
SUPI: Engaging with Schools FFSES8000 Once a year, typically in November. This one-day, interactive workshop is for researchers from any discipline who are interested in communicating their research to a secondary schools audience. It explores the why, what and how of engaging with secondary schools. Book online
Science Communication Training FEPSS8852 Twice a year to support science busking, typically in February an October. This practical workshop look at how you can improve your communication skills for public engagement activities such as science busking. From style and approach, to content and delivery, this session will get you started in engaging a variety of non-specialists audiences. Book online
Lay Abstracts with Impact FBMHS4305 Once a year, typically in January. This session will help you to prepare and test out your lay summary which will form an important element of your future grant applications, ethics applications and are increasingly being requested by research journals to increase the accessibility of research. Book online
Introduction to Public & Patient Involvement FBMHS6018   This half-day workshop has been designed for researchers who are new to, or have some experience with public and patient involvement (PPI). This interactive workshop will give you an understanding of the current NHS policy/ health & social care research landscape and where PPI fits within that as well as providing practical advice for developing your PPI strategy. Book online
Masterclass: Communication Skills in Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) FBMHS6023   This workshop has been designed for researchers who would like to improve their communication skills for the purposes of involving the public in research and will use a combination of presentations, discussions and activities to help you to feel confident in communicating with the public when doing patient and public involvement work. This workshop is for individuals with some experience of public involvement. Book online
Masterclass: Setting up a PPI Group FBMHS6019    

This masterclass has been designed for academics and researchers who are planning to set up a patient and public involvement group either for the purposes of a research study or to support a research theme/centre/organisation. Attendees should have some experience of PPI or have attended the introduction to PPI workshop

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Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Training FSESS8107 Once a year to support the 3MT competition, typically in May. Being able to describe what you do and why it is an essential skill for any researcher. This workshop will help you take your communication to the next level. We will show you how to turn your research into the most interesting, engaging and memorable presentation possible. Discover the hints and tips that will make your talk stand out from the crowd and how to banish nerves to give a confident performance.


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Standing up for Science workshop Held once a year in collaboration with Sense about science, typically in April. Meet researchers who have engaged with the media, learn from policymakers about why good evidence is important for them and how researchers can help inform policy. Respected science journalists will talk about how the media works, how to respond and comment, and what journalists expect from scientists and researchers. Get hints and tips from communications experts on how you can start standing up for science and find out how to involve the public in communicating research

Not in the training catalogue, as it an external course that we host.

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