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Staff laptop lockers

04 Jan 2023

The staff laptop lockers in the Main Library are now available again for Library staff to borrow a laptop.

The laptops are useful for things like when you lock your own laptop in a locker and forget the key, or for running a laptop in a hybrid meeting and keeping your own for notes. They are designed to help you work more flexibly so can be taken out of the building or off-campus.

If you want a laptop for longer than a week, please put in a request via the Support Portal to arrange a longer loan laptop.

The laptops are the newer HP ones which take the USB C chargers. Whilst they are in the locker, they are on charge so will be on nearly 100% when you borrow one.

Please ensure you sign-in to the laptop whilst on Eduroam or a staff docking station, otherwise you won’t be able to get access to it.