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Digital document management – update

06 Oct 2022

Share your questions to help us improve support and guidance for staff using Microsoft 365.

In our aim to become a digital University and implement Microsoft 365 via the IT Modernisation Project, Microsoft adoption specialists 365Tribe have worked with colleagues from IT Services to create the Microsoft 365 Digital Champions Network. Colleagues from across the University who expressed an interest in becoming members of the network commenced a 12-month training programme in January 2022 and are currently learning about all the applications and tools that form part of the Microsoft 365 product suite (M365).

There are over 370 Digital Champions in our University community, including 16 based here in the Library. For more information, visit the M365 Digital Champions Network website.

To support the continued adoption of M365 within the Library, we recently asked you all to complete a Qualtrix survey on digital document management. This was to help us understand how you use the current options we have to store, share and collaborate on documents. Results show an increase in the use of Teams and OneDrive and a continued decrease in the use of Library Connect, P and S drives which is great news. However, it was highlighted that further guidance on how to use OneDrive and Teams more effectively is needed. We also want to address concerns colleagues have when collaborating on documents outside of Teams and when storing and sharing sensitive documents. 

In response, we have asked our Library M365 Digital Champions to start work on formulating best practice guidelines and synthesizing existing training resources - but we also want to hear from you. Our champions have created digital whiteboards for each directorate to capture all your M365 questions... so if you can’t tell your P Drive from your One Drive then get posting! Your questions will then help focus the guidance as we navigate our new ways of working. 

We will also be approaching DMTs to help us understand the circumstances in which teams and individuals share and work collaboratively on documents across Directorates so we can provide appropriate guidance and identify gaps in our technology offer. 

Please input your thoughts on your Directorate board, which will be open until the end of October:

Research & Digital Horizons

Faculty & Student Partnerships 

Curatorial Practices 

Collection Strategies 

Directorate of the University Librarian