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Library website structural updates – now live

19 Aug 2022

The University of Manchester Library website has been restructured over the summer to provide a more intuitive and engaging experience for our users.

The former ‘Using the Library’ and ‘Search resources’ sections have been retired as top-level sections and their content has been redistributed into three new sections:

  1. Access resources
  2. Library services
  3. Training and support

Rationale for structural updates

  • To improve the discoverability of Library services, support and resources for our users and search engines (SEO)
  • To move away from an ineffective role-based architecture (students, staff, visitors) and towards a more universal structure
  • To place greater emphasis on our teaching and learning offer
  • To consolidate our Library services and more accurately communicate our operations


The Digital Library Development (DLD) Team has taken steps to ensure the transition to the new structure takes place with minimal disruption to Library users:

  • Redirects: Automatic redirects have been implemented by IT Services to prevent traffic disruption to our key web pages
  • Search Engine Optimisation: The structural changes have been communicated to Google and other search engines so that search results can be updated
  • Quality assurance: The team have been using automated tools to crawl the website for any broken links that may have occurred because of the restructure

If Library staff are linking to areas of the website in communications, documents, learning materials etc over the coming weeks please do double check the new structure before sharing.

Get in touch

Please get in touch with the DLD Team to request updates to the Library website or report any issues: