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Share your expertise

Connect with other Faculty PS staff on our Yammer group or share information about your skills so others know how you can help them.

Skills Sharing Database

This valuable resource provides a list of skills or areas of expertise that Faculty PS staff are happy to share with other members of staff in the Faculty. If you are looking for help with a particular piece of work or need some guidance on a University process, procedure or system then search our Skills Sharing Database to see if there is someone in FBMH who has the necessary expertise to assist you.

Access the Skills Sharing Database.

If you have a particular skill or area of expertise that you would like to share with others, and you would be happy to be contacted, simply complete our online form and a representative from the FBMH PS Network will add your details to the Skills Sharing Database.

The FBMH Yammer group

Yammer is known as the 'enterprise social network' and is used by many organisations around the world to help foster internal communication and collaboration.  The University of Manchester has its own Yammer groups that you can join and participate in.

Why not join us on Yammer and share your expertise with other staff, write about your achievements and let us know about any interesting resources or articles that you have come across.