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Faculty Committee

What is the Faculty Committee?

Chaired by the Dean, the Faculty Committee provides a forum for consideration and discussion of strategic issues and developments, including overall Faculty performance, the performance of our three Schools, learning and teaching, the student experience, research matters and social responsibility, and, in particular, their implications for the work and activities of colleagues.

The Committee also have the right to express an opinion directly to the Senate or to the University Board of Governors if the members wish it. 

The Faculty Committee comprises a mix of ex-officio and elected colleagues, plus three students as follows:

  • Graham Lord, Vice-President and Dean
  • Peter Clayton, Deputy Dean
  • Our three Vice-Deans - Gabrielle Finn for Teaching, Learning and Students, Neil Hanley for Research and Innovation, and Mahesh Nirmalan for Social Responsibility
  • Our three Vice-Deans and Heads of School - Judith Hoyland for SBS, Kay Marshall for SHS and Tony Heagerty for SMS
  • Eight members of Academic and Research staff elected by members of the Faculty (including their tenure from 2020 to the 31 August on the year indicated):
    Judi Allen (2022)
    Kath Checkland (2024)
    Reinmar Hager (2024)
    Antje Heinrich (2024)
    Janine Lamb (2023)
    Rachel Lennon (2023)
    Carsten Timmerman (2023)
    Anne White (2022)
  • Four members of Professional Services staff elected by members of the Faculty:
    Siobhan Cartwright (2022)
    David Parry (2024)
    Helen Robinson (2023)
    Sarah Williams (2022)
  • Two students
    Hotri Alapati
    Ayma Kahn    

In addition, Vikki Goddard, the Director of Faculty Operations is Secretary to the Committee.

Have your say

Join in conversations on strategic issues on our Yammer group. We'd love to hear from you.

Minutes and upcoming meetings

The elected members

The elected members are your voice on the Committee. Our aims are:

  • To be approachable
  • To represent everyone's views
  • To promote consultation with our senior leadership team on issues of strategic importance
  • To be open and transparent

How to get in touch

Please contact any of the elected members, contact details are included below.

Elected academic and research staff

Judi Allen

Areas: Lydia Becker Institute, Wellcome Centre for Cell-Matrix Research, REF committee.


Judi's profile

I joined the Manchester faculty in 2016 and lead a research group studying immunity to helminth infection. I have been funded at programme level by the MRC since 1997 and am currently a Wellcome Trust Investigator.  I sit on multiple grant awarding bodies (Wellcome, Lister - current, MRC, ERC, CRUK - recent past) and scientific advisory boards (Glasgow, Cardiff, Basel, Delhi) and am a sub-panel member for REF2021.   Previously, I was Director of Research for the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Edinburgh and academic co-ordinator for REF 2014. 

I bring to the committee, a national and international perspective on research strategy, as well as past experience in undergraduate teaching and course leadership. I am also keen to promote team science and an inclusive work environment. 

Judi’s research profile

Kath Checkland

Areas: Population Health, Health Services Research & Primary Care


Kath's profile

I am a GP and clinical academic. My research focuses upon health policy and the organisation of the NHS, working with the Department of Health and Social Care. My GP work is in rural Derbyshire. 

I am Research Lead for my Division, and sit on the School Research Committee. We aim to improve the research environment in the University, by addressing the things which make life difficult for staff. This has included: staff development and considering career insecurity; facilitated grant writing retreats; addressing research support systems; and regular staff consultation exercises. I will bring to the committee that experience and expertise, including a deep knowledge of the Faculty research environment and the factors which support or inhibit excellent research.

Reinmar Hager

Areas: Evolution and Genomic Sciences, Teaching and Learning.


Reinmar's profile

I joined the faculty in 2005 as a postdoctoral researcher and am now Senior Lecturer and Senior Postgraduate Tutor in the School of Biological Sciences. My group’s work seeks to understand how genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors interact and shape phenotypic differences between individuals. I have been a member of the NERC Peer Review College for eight years and serve on several NERC Grant Panels, and am an Associate Editor for BMC Evolutionary Biology. 

The newly (re)established Faculty Committees provide a forum to discuss all matters of relevance to the Faculty ranging from strategic to operational and planning issues involving academic and professional staff as well as student representatives, and to express a view to Senate where appropriate. As a current Senate member for SBS, I have represented staff views and actively supported the process through which we can engage with Senate and for Senate to work effectively. At School level, I have been soliciting views of colleagues on Senate items, and provide updates at School Boards. I have six years’ experience of working at Senate and the Board of Governors and wish to contribute to the Faculty Committee in the spirit of my Senate work.

Antje Heinrich

Areas: Human communication, development and hearing, Teaching and Learning.


Antje's profile

I joined the faculty in 2018 as a Senior Lecturer in Audiology (SHS). I am a speech scientist with a focus on how speech communication can be made more effective for populations who tend to struggle with this: older adults, people with hearing loss, non-native speakers, people with additional needs. My work includes both lab-based discovery research and clinical translational work. As Senior PGR Tutor and supervisor on various PG programmes I am closely involved with postgraduate teaching, research and welfare. Through my involvement with the School PGR committee I contribute to the organisation of PGR supervision and research at School level.

On the Faculty Committee I use my voice to advocate for two courses in particular: 1) PGR supervision and research: I aim to help shape the interplay between priorities at faculty level and the needs and priorities of PGR and research-active staff in order to ensure a supportive organisational structure at all levels. 2) The particular needs of small divisions in the faculty. Their realities, constraints, challenges but also opportunities can be quite different from those of bigger divisions and it is important that this is being acknowledged and taken into account for planning and decision making.

Janine Lamb

Areas: Genomic Medicine, Teaching and Learning.


Janine's profile

I am Reader in the School of Health Sciences; my research focuses on understanding the genetic risk factors and disease mechanisms underlying several human disorders, including autoimmune musculoskeletal disorders.

I have extensive experience of postgraduate teaching, as Programme Director, and previously as Institute Postgraduate Taught Programme Lead. I have previously held the post of Centre Lead, and through my research programme have successfully mentored and supported the career development of junior staff and students. As an elected member of Senate (2016-2019), I worked to ensure effective communication between Senate, the School Board and members of Staff.

I will bring this experience to make an effective contribution across the broad remit of the Faculty Committee.

Rachel Lennon

Areas: Wellcome Centre for Cell-Matrix Research, Clinical Academic Training, BioMS Core Facility.


Rachel's profile

I am a Wellcome Senior Research Fellow and combine basic science research with my clinical role as a Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist. I lead a research team of 12 focussing on basement membrane biology linking to my clinical role where I manage patients with defects in basement membrane genes. I am also the lead for Integrated Clinical Academic Training, co-Director of a Wellcome 4-year PhD programme and Academic Lead for the Bio-MS Core Facility. 

Rachel’s research profile

Carsten Timmermann

Areas: Medical Humanities, Teaching and Learning, Social Responsibility.


Carsten's profile

I am a historian of biomedical science, based at the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, which is part of the Division of Medical Education in the School of Medical Sciences. My first training was in biochemistry, followed by a PhD in History of Science, Technology and Medicine. I have worked at the University for two decades, initially for ten years as a postdoctoral researcher funded by the Wellcome Trust on a series of fixed-term contracts, and since 2011 as a Lecturer and later Senior Lecturer. 

I teach undergraduate and postgraduate units in History of Biology, Medical Humanities, and History of Mental Illness. In my research in recent years I have focused mainly on the history of cancer research and cancer therapy. My most recent book was a history of the oncology drugs developed by the multinational pharmaceutical company Hoffmann La-Roche and its subsidiaries. 

I have worked with many colleagues in different contexts: as Course Unit Coordinator for an SBS undergraduate unit, Programme Co-Director for the MSc in Medical Humanities, standing in as Divisional PGR Tutor and ESRC DTP Pathway Lead, and as Academic Lead for the Museum of Medicine and Health within the Social Responsibility team. I am a member of the University and College Union (UCU).

I was a member of Senate from 2004 to 2010.

Anne White

Areas: Endocrine Sciences, Graduate Education, Business Engagement.


Anne's profile

I am Professor of Endocrine Sciences and my area of research is prohormone processing which has a role in diagnosis of hormone secreting tumours and in neuropeptide networks implicated in obesity.

I am very committed to graduate education and as the first Associate Dean for Graduate Education in the Faculty of Medical & Human Sciences, I developed the structures for graduate support and training. I am currently University lead for the national professional doctorate for healthcare scientists. 

I have developed and licensed monoclonal antibodies and was a Royal Society industry fellow based at Astra Zeneca for two years. This gave me experience which led to my role as Associate Dean for Business Engagement in the Faculty of Life Sciences where I have also had posts as Division Head and Section Head. As a previous member of Senate, I championed discussions in the Faculty and at Senate about the need for better communication about Senate processes and the importance of communication within the Faculty.

I am very committed to supportive organisational structures for staff success in all spheres of the Faculty.

Elected members of professional services

Siobhan Cartwright

Areas: Teaching and Learning, Quality Assurance.


Siobhan's profile

My first role in the University in 2000 was as Validation Manager in the Teaching, Learning and Student Development Office providing guidance and support on quality assurance matters to our collaborative partners.

In 2004 I joined the medical school firstly as Validation Manager (for the Keele collaborative programme) and then as Teaching and Learning Manager in 2006. I have stayed in this post because I remain passionate about quality assurance and seek both professionally and personally to be guided by the underlying principles of openness, honesty and transparency.  I care about the work of the University and Faculty and seek always to work collaboratively and supportively, often exercising diplomacy and tact which I believe are important skills for this role.

David Parry

Areas: Postgraduate teaching programmes support.


David's profile

I am a PGT Programmes Support Manager, managing programmes and teams across three Divisions. I joined the University 15 years ago and have held a variety of teaching & learning roles within the Faculty. These roles have covered programme support, assessment, timetabling, student support, placements, admissions and QA, with a focus on PGT.

This overview of the students’ journey ‘cradle to grave’ gives me an understanding of the challenges that arise across all aspects of teaching & learning for PS, Academic Staff, and Students.

Following the implementation of SEP, this range of experience will allow me to represent a wide range of T&L staff, with a view to monitoring and reviewing the impact of changes on our processes and stakeholders.

Helen Robinson

Areas: Cross Faculty Networks, External Web.


Helen's profile

As a Web Officer, I have a good overview of our Faculty and work with lots of researchers, Faculty teams and groups, and other networks across the University.

I’ve been at the University for 20+ years and have had several roles, from supporting a single research group to providing a Faculty-wide service. I’ve experienced many facets of Faculty life along the way, including contributing to Faculty and University-wide projects. I’ve a no-nonsense attitude to getting things done.

Sarah Williams

Areas: Academic and Researcher Development, Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement, Teaching and Learning.


Sarah's profile

I am the Faculty Development Manager and manage a small team of staff involved in academic and researcher development. I have worked at the University for 20 years in both research and student facing roles. I have a BA (Hons) in Business which I completed part time in 2006, a PGCert in Higher Education (2018) and last year achieved Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

I have a wealth of experience within professional services including organising longitudinal surveys for a research department; setting up a patient forum for clinical scientist Masters/Doctoral level programmes; and coordinating the Faculty's peer review of teaching. I also have extensive experience in working with external partners such as universities and professional bodies.

Elected students

Hotri Alapati


Ayma Kahn