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Unleashing the co-creative green dragon

13 Apr 2018

Dr Shadi Khudr, a visiting scientist to FBMH, has opened the Faculty’s first Green Impact event of 2018 with his talk 'Unleashing the co-creative green dragon' that outlined his ideas for making the Michael Smith quad a centre for community and ecology within the University.

The Michael Smith quad is an outside space within the Michael Smith building where staff can grow flowers and vegetables to increase biodiversity and staff wellbeing.

The initiative invites all staff to get involved by sharing cuttings or seeds between offices, and growing vegetables.

The next Green Impact in FBMH event is a ‘bioblitz’ in the Michael Smith quad on Wednesday, 16 May.

Staff and students are invited to identify species of plants and insects over lunchtime. Help and equipment will be on hand.

Register for the event: