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Example Risk Assessments

This library contains example risk assessments for use as a starting point for your own assessments. They must be modified to your own work. 

Please note: It is the responsibility of the Academic Supervisor / Principle Investigator / Line Manager to ensure that the appropriate risk assessments have been completed by a competent person. The Academic Supervisor / Principle Investigator / Line Manager must authorise the final version before use. The risk assessment must be signed by all those involved to ensure that they have read and understand the risks and will abide by them.

Help and Advice is always available from your School Safety Coordinator and Advisor, you will also find some useful guidance from Central Safety Services Risk Assessment Tool.

Use the appropriate link below to download the form required:

Compressed Gases

Cryogenic Liquids

Driving at Work

Filming in Labs

Fridges/ Freezers in Labs

Fume Hoods

Heater in Offices

Ice Machines

Lab Equipment

Ladders and Step Ladders

Open Day

Office Environment



Storage at Height



Travel Risk Assessment Guidance Notes - This includes pre-travel self checklist and an example generic risk assessment for low and moderate risk countries

Work Experience Student