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What is Work Shadowing?

Shadowing on the Programme can take place in various forms:


This type of shadowing is where the guest will spend a specific amount of time observing the host's day to day work. By shadowing this way the guest should get to see a typical representation of what the host does on a daily basis and could involve a number of activities. This type of shadowing is appropriate when the guest is looking to gain a greater understanding of what the host’s job actually consists of.


Regular Briefings

This is where the guest will shadow the host for specific activities over a set period of time. This will involve shadowing for short periods of focused activity for example, specific events or meetings which are of value in understanding the host’s role. This activity requires careful planning to ensure both the guest and host can be available for specific dates/times and ensure it doesn’t become disruptive.


Hands On

The hands on approach to job shadowing is an extension to the observation type shadowing where the guest will undertake some of the tasks they have observed whilst shadowing the host. This provides the guest with hands on experience in the role they are shadowing, whilst carefully being monitored by the host when completing tasks. This type of shadowing may not be appropriate in certain areas, and would need to be discussed with host before the shadowing is undertaken.


Critical Friend

A critical friend is where a person can be called upon to offer advice and constructive opinion about a particular problem or area of work. They are someone who is supportive, but also provides honest and candid feedback. This type of shadowing can be undertaken under the programme, but might continue into a longer term arrangement. The guest will need to be as explicit as possible about the type of support they are seeking to be successfully matched.