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Information for the Host

The host is the person who agrees to be shadowed when they are matched with a guest. The host will work with the guest to arrange how they meet the objectives, identifying a time frame to complete the shadowing that takes into account work commitments of both the guest and the host. After the shadowing has occurred, hosts will have the opportunity to evaluate their experiences with the guest.

Hosts will be put forward by the Work Shadowing panel which is made up of key individuals from the areas across the directorate. Hosts will be encouraged to be involved in the Programme as there are a number of benefits to being involved:

  • Development opportunity for mentoring and coaching skills.
  • Share experiences that the host has learnt in their role with others.
  • Network with colleagues from different areas within the DSE.
  • It will give the host a chance to reflect on their job role and their way of working and possibly highlight areas of work that could benefit from change.

What should you think about when you have accepted a match?

  • What do I need to know about the guest?
  • When is the best time for the guest to get a good overview of the role?
  • What does the guest hope to get out of the opportunity?
  • What do I need to inform the guest of prior to the shadowing?

What needs to happen when you start the Shadowing?

  • Take the role of a host seriously, and make sure that both you and the guest get the most from the experience.
  • Ensure you have communicated with the guest about their objectives and what they expect to gain from the shadowing.
  • Respond to the initial approach from the guest and agree what type of shadowing will happen and the length of time it will take to complete, whether the shadowing is happening consecutively or over a number of weeks/ months.
  • Consider where your guest will be accommodated during the shadowing period and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Ensure the area where you are working is notified and briefed about the guest coming to complete the shadowing.
  • Provide any information to the guest prior to the shadowing taking place that you deem useful for them to understand more about the role / area.
  • Provide appropriate notice if the shadowing activity has to be cancelled / changed.
  • Ensure you discuss any requirements the guest might have in order for them to physically carry out the shadowing and measures are put in place.