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Information for the Guest

The guest is the person who will be visiting another area of the directorate and shadowing a host. Guests will put forward an application form to join the Work Shadowing Programme and this opportunity should be discussed with their line manager. Guests will submit clear objectives and state the types of tasks / roles they would like to undertake in their application to the Programme. Throughout the shadowing, guests and hosts should work together to achieve the objectives set out. After the shadowing has taken place, there will be an opportunity for the guest to evaluate their experiences of working with the host.

What should you think about when a match has been made?

  • What do I want to know about the job?
  • What do I want to know about the team / department?
  • Are there special requirements of the role (such as a dress code if customer facing?)
  • Are there any specific tasks that you would like to be involved with during the work shadowing that takes priority above others?

What needs to happen when you start the Shadowing?

  • Ensure that your objectives that are stated in your application form are discussed with your host to make sure you get the most out of the work shadowing experience.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Show the host / host area respect and act with discretion and awareness at all times. If a situation occurs where the host needs to deal with a student / colleague about a personal or private issue, make sure you withdraw from the situation if deemed appropriate to do so.
  • Ensure you arrange suitable times to meet with your host and have good timekeeping.
  • Make sure you have informed your immediate team and other relevant colleagues when you will be completing the shadowing
  • If for any reason you are not able to attend the shadowing that has been arranged, make sure your host is informed.
  • Before undertaking the first day of shadowing, try to learn about your host's role prior to meeting by reviewing their job description or finding out more about the area they work in through the DSE web pages or StaffNet.
  • Whilst on the shadowing, take notes about facts, thoughts and observations. Record any contacts (numbers or email addresses) you might find useful to have. By taking notes, it will be easier to reflect on the experience afterwards.
  • Arrange for any adjustments to be made that may stop you from accessing the work shadowing by communicating with your host if you have any specific requirements.