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Health and Safety Policies

The Directorate Health and Safety Policy sets out the principles of how Health and Safety is managed across the Directorate for the Student Experience. The policy is approved by the Directorate Senior Executive Team, and satisfies a specific legal requirement.

The management of Health and Safety within the Divisions within Directorate for the Student Experience are set out in local Division Health and Safety Policies that are approved by Division Senior Management Teams. These policies provide detailed information on the Health and Safety arrangements for your particular area:

The University’s Health & Safety Policy Statement has been updated (Aug2023)

Organisation in place to implement the University’s Health & Safety Policy, (Aug2023)

University Safety Policy and Arrangements Chapters

A reminder of the University Safety Arrangements Chapters that have been reviewed/updated since the start of the pandemic (Mar2020-Mar2022) is detailed below:

  • Chapter 1: Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee, Terms of Reference and Membership, (Jan2022)
  • Chapter 2: Occupational Health, Safety & Training Advisory Group (OHSTAG), Terms of Reference and Membership, (Sep2020)
  • Chapter 3: Managing biological safety (including work on genetically modified organisms), (March 2024)
  • Chapter 4: Radiation Safety, (Nov 2023)
  • Chapter 5: Safety Services, (Feb 2023)
  • Chapter 7: Fire Safety, (Jan 2023)
  • Chapter 10: Lone Working, (Mar2022, no changes)
  • Chapter 12: Measuring performance, monitoring and auditing, (Oct2020)
  • Chapter 17: Acetylene cylinders, (Aug2020)
  • Chapter 18: Working across organisational boundaries, (Oct2020)
  • Chapter 19: First Aid & First-aiders, (Aug2020)
  • Chapter 20: University and NHS Trust Shared Premises – health and safety arrangements for the management of jointly Shared Workplaces, (Sep2020)
  • Chapter 21: Driving at work, (Mar2021)
  • Chapter 22: Use and control of substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction (CMRs), (Mar2020)
  • Chapter 23: Interface between Estates and Facilities, and building occupiers, (May2021)
  • Chapter 25: Ionising Radiation Safety, (Jan2021)
  • Chapter 27: Laser Safety, (Nov2020)
  • Chapter 30: Evacuation of Disabled People and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs), (Oct2021)
  • Chapter 31: Delegation of health and safety tasks, (Nov2021, no alterations)
  • Chapter 34: Display Screen Equipment, (Mar2020)
  • Chapter 36: A Framework for the Management of Personal Protective Equipment, (May2021)