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How do I apply?

The DSE is not currently accepting applications for the Work Shadowing Programme. Dates for the next cycle are coming soon. 

To apply for the Work Shadowing Programme an application form should be completed and submitted to the project team at

You must ensure that all sections of the application form are completed and you have given consideration to your reasons and objectives for wanting to participate. Applications submitted outside of the cycle dates will not be considered and guests will need to re-submit when the cycle opens for applications.

Download the Application Form.

Application process

There are 2 cycles per year onto the DSE Work Shadowing Programme. From the initial application submission, the application will go through to approval from the guest’s line manager, and then senior management team. If approved, it is then put forward to the Work Shadowing panel where they hope to make matches with a host. If an application does get to the panel it is not guaranteed it will be matched with a host. If at any stage an application is rejected, all guests will be provided with feedback.

Please note, from the initial application, if a guest passes all the approval stages on the Programme the actual shadowing will not start until approximately 3 months from the application stage and this should be considered when applying.

How are you matched?

The guest will submit their preferences of the tasks / roles they are interested in, and if the application is successful, it will then be submitted to the DSE Work Shadowing Programme panel.

The panel will have a commitment to match guests and hosts as they deem appropriate. The panel will endeavour to match guests with hosts in the area or roles the guest is interested in, so the guest and host get the best experience out of the Programme. The Divisional Coordinator in the specific area will be a member of the panel and will communicate to the guest and host about their matches. Where a match is not possible to be made, feedback will be provided to the guest.