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Supporting our students

Resources and guidance for staff

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How to contact support services

Please see below for details of how to support students to access University services.

University Campus Security can be contacted on 0161 306 9966 (the number is also on the back of your University ID card).

Counselling and Mental Health service

The University's Counselling & Mental Health Service offers confidential help with any personal issues affecting work, self-esteem, relationships, sexuality, race, identity issues, mental health and general wellbeing. They are accessible to all University of Manchester students and all members of staff.

Students and staff are asked to call the Triage and Support practitioners on 0161 275 2864 between 9:30am and 4:30pm (Monday to Friday) to discuss available support.

Disability Advisory and Support Service and UMAC

The DASS and UMAC offices on 2nd Floor of University Place are offering face-to-face, video (Zoom/Teams) or phone appointments – just let staff know your preference.

DASS is open for calls Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm and UMAC Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm:

Tel (Disability Service) +44 (0)161 275 7512

Tel (Assessment Centre) +44 (0)161 275 0990

Mobile Number (Text only for d/Deaf students) 07899 658 790

Email (Disability Service)

Email (Assessment Centre)

You can also visit the service in person.

Advice and Response

Students can access specialist, confidential advice and support on a range of issues including sexual assault, harassment and hate crime by requesting to speak to an advisor through Report and Support.

Alternatively, staff can refer students to the Advice and Response team by emailing If you need further advice on a case, you can call 0161 275 5780 (please note that this number is for staff use only).

An advisor will work with students to deliver support in the most accessible way for them - face-to-face, through video-calls, telephone appointments or via email. For more information, please see this page

Occupational Health

The Occupational Health Service provides confidential services to protect the health of staff and students, assessing and advising on fitness for work, training and study, so as to ensure that health issues are effectively managed.

Crawford House 4th floor, Crawford House, Booth Street East, Manchester, M13 9QS

Use the Crawford House Central & West entrance on Booth Street East or via St. Peter's House steps in to Crawford House at 1st floor level. The Occupational Health Service is located on the 4th floor.

Campus Map Location: Building 31

Contact details for staff and postgraduates Contact details for undergraduates

Tel: 0161 306 5806 Tel: 0161 275 2858

Email: Email:

Opening Hours: 9AM-4PM, Monday to Friday (Closed on weekends)

Additional support and services

Quick links to additional services 

Careers Service

Peer Support


St Peter's House and The Well

Student Services Centre

Students' Union Advice Service


SU Buddy Scheme

Students will be matched with another student based on hobbies, interests or course for weekly phone or video catchups, providing some social contact and the chance to make a new friend:

Wellbeing online chat service

Students can chat to a Wellbeing Advisor online between 11am-12pm and 3pm-4pm Monday-Friday:

Wellbeing appointments

The Wellbeing Team offer Zoom and face-to-face appointments throughout the week. Students can email to arrange a time. 


Finance FAQs

To help support students with finance-related questions, we have prepared a list of FAQs. Here you may find an answer to a wide range of questions.

If, however, you cannot find a suitable solution from the FAQs provided then you should contact the Student Finance Team on +44 (0)161 275 5000 or

How can I find out how much fees are for a course or programme?

To find out the tuition fees for a particular course or programme, use the search tool. You can also use the University’s course finders to find fees for undergraduate coursestaught master’s or postgraduate research programmes.

How can students make payments to the University?

We accept payments in full or in instalments.

What are the tuition fee instalment dates?

For students registering in September, the instalment dates are:

  • 1 – 30 September (during registration)
  • 20 January 2023
  • 25 April 2023

Students who are registering at other times will need to contact the Student Finance Team on +44 (0)161 1762 or email

Can a student change the Direct Debit details they had originally set up to pay their tuition fees?

Yes. The Direct Debit account holder, whether that be the student or their parent/guardian, can update Direct Debit details in My Manchester. The University requires 10 working days notice before any Direct Debit due date.

There is a hold or block on a student’s account. What should I do?

This may be due to an outstanding debt on the account. The student will need to contact the Credit Control Team on +44 (0)161 275 8130, or via email at

What will happen to a student’s tuition fees if they interrupt or withdraw from their studies?

Once the student has notified their School of the intention to interrupt or withdraw, and this has been agreed by their school, the student’s record will be updated. This information will then be picked up by the University’s Student Finance Team, who will automatically recalculate the student’s tuition fees based on their withdrawal date.

Any refunds will be issued back to the card/account that they were paid from.

Alternatively, depending on the duration of the planned interruption, the student may be eligible for a refund. They can also ask for their fees to be ‘held against future fees’ if the student would like them to be held by the University until their return.

A student has an Indicator on their account, how do they register?

If the Indicator is of the type CCO or Woff, then the student will need to contact Credit Control on 0161 275 8130, or email to clear the balance. If the student is sponsored, then they will need to make sure their sponsor has paid their fees. Credit Control will also chase the sponsor directly.

If the indicator is for NFT (not financially registered) or TRG (temporary registration), this should not prevent students from registering.

If you have a student that needs further support with completing online registration, call the Student Finance Team on +44 (0)161 676 1762.

A student is being sponsored by their employer/external organisation. Can they still register as normal?

Yes. Students being sponsored by an external organisation need to upload their sponsorship document form in My Manchester. 

Once uploaded, the sponsorship will then be applied to the student’s record, and assuming that it covers the full tuition fees they should be able to then complete financial registration.

A student has not received the Manchester Bursary, despite meeting the criteria. How does it work?

Students do not need to apply for the Manchester Bursary. It is automatically accessed.

How do new students register?

All students who are yet to register should have received an email notification that contains the relevant information. If, however, a student has not heard from the University then they will need to contact their School. The School will be able to review their record and instruct the student on next steps.

Do returning students need to register again?

Yes. Each year, returning students need to complete registration. Returning students do not however need to complete IT sign-up again.

Can students pay their tuition fees early?

Yes. Students can pay any amount up to a maximum of the total tuition fee that is due for the year. The total amount paid will show on the student’s record when they register – this amount will then be offset against the tuition fee due. 

How can students check if they’re eligible for the Undergraduate Access Scholarship (Manchester Access Programme)?

Students can refer to the Manchester Access Programme webpage for more information, details around eligibility, etc.

How can students check if they’ve received a financial award?

You will need to advise students to take the following steps within My Manchester, where they will be able to access their financial award summary.

  • Select the Student Centre tile
  • Highlight with the compass pointer in the top-right corner, and select ‘Menu’ in the toolbar, followed by ‘Self Service’ and then ‘Campus Finances’.
  • Select ‘View Financial Aid’. This page will show their awards for the current academic year.
  • Select the ‘Bank Details’ button - students can enter and save their bank details. This button will not be visible if they have already entered and saved their bank details.

It is essential that bank account details are up to date so that the University can process awards. Students should navigate to the ‘Tools’ menu, and select ‘Student System’, through which they can then access the Student Centre.

What are the payment dates for monthly PG stipends?

Students can find information about payment dates on our website.

How can students add bank details to ensure they receive their award?

Students can find more information about this on the Bursaries, Grants and Stipends page.

How do students amend their bank details to receive a financial award?

If a student would like to change their bank details in preparation for their award, they will need to submit their new bank details to This must be sent from the student’s University email address, with the bank details sent in a password protected document. If, however, the student cannot password protect the document then it is recommended that they send the details in two separate emails – one with the sort code, and the other with the account number.

A Canadian student requires a confirmation of enrolment form completing for their Canadian loan provider (or tax forms completing for the Canadian revenue). How do I handle their query?

You need to advise the student to email their request, including the relevant forms, to

A student has an enquiry regarding US Federal loans. How can I help?

For all questions about US Federal Loans, you’ll need to direct the student to the Student Finance Team. The student should email

A student has applied for a PG loan but their first instalment has not been received.

The student needs to contact the Student Finance Team, who will check the details of the programme and review their application.

A distance learning student has applied for a PG loan but they’ve not yet had registration confirmed. How can I help?

If the School is the initial point of contact, then you should pass the query through to the Student Finance Team, while confirming that the student is still in regular attendance.